No. Business categories Business Portfolio Project Content
Military auxiliary leader
Governor military auxiliary groups of the business counseling
Zhu-Zhen Lai / military training instructor
  1. Guidance and counseling military planning and implementation of various business groups.
  2. Handle a variety of school events (freshmen orientation counseling, sports meets, graduation ceremony) with planning matters related to military auxiliary groups, implementation and deployment of the task.
  3. Dealing with the annual military training important policy work plan and execution of business (including briefing on the work).
  4. Guidance military auxiliary groups budget (including funding for training and auxiliary) the provision and control execution.
  5. Hold military training governor test, tracking business shortcomings and regulatory services.
  6. Guidance military auxiliary group internal audit co-ordinate business operations.
  7. Teaching Excellence Moderator funds management and control execution.
  8. responsible for national defense education teaching.
  9. Student Life Counsel Management of medicine faculties
  10. Handling military personnel business(incentives, hiring committee, performance appraisal, discipline service instrument, postgraduate education, training class, job training, go aboard, stay back, institution reform, verification and operation of card renewal, staffing allocation, transfer, promotion candidate, leave control)
Military Personnel
Instructor Business
Zi-Xuan Zhu / military training instructor
  1. Instructor business plan and assessment
  2. The funds used for planning guidance and discipline - handled by learning tutor knowledge and ability
  3. handling system level, school level, university teacher merit selection, reward
  4. The administrative units should interact with the instructor to convey the message and instructors at all levels
  5. Check-military auxiliary groups, adjusting the transfer operation
  6. Assist students from China by counseling matters continent
  7. responsible for national defense education teaching.
  8. Is in charge of the business of life coaching within each department of Medical Campus.
Military Education
Military Logistics
Teachers and discussion
Campus Safety
Zang-Ton Fan / military training instructor
  1. In charge of military training service (including military education programs, teaching choreography, teaching escalation plan, test scores, student to apply for (against) repair military training courses, military training instructors Publications business expansion will be reported in the officer corps, military training, teaching seminars, etc. ).
  2. Handle with military logistics services (including body check-up, military uniforms made up, the pension certificate and dependents salaries adjustment Control,retreat pension fund, military insurance, national health insurance, and various allowances apply for a job, etc.)
  3. Security Matters of the school (School safety plan and prepare related document processing, school safety communications operating system, the integration of monthly school safety incidents job, school safety evaluation, etc.)
  4. Filling up with the checklist of furnished emergency facilities  on the 5th day per month
  5. Hold for the seminars between students and teachers.
  6. Responsible for national defense education teaching.
  7. Responsible for the matters and the business of life coaching of each department of the Chinese medical school faculties.
Integrated Military
Traffic Safety
Echinacea against drugs

Ling-Yi Kong / Instructor
  1. Handling with traffic safety related operations.
  2. Handling with military integrated services, military auxiliary meeting (military training and school safety personnel professional seminars), governor's visit of first district of Taichung and related business, visit army auxiliary activities.
  3. Handling Echinacea activity-anti-drug related businesses.
  4. Duty log preparation, and a monthly duty roster scheduled fee to apply for the job.
  5. Assist leader to handle matters freshman orientation counseling.
  6. Student Life Counsel Management of department of Public Health( including department of dental hygiene and department of respiratory program in health care faculty )
student dormitory
Off-campus rent home
Ke-Zhong Yang / school safety instructor
  1. Apply for student dormitory management related counseling services.
  2. Handling with the task of student renting houses outside the dorm.
  3. Deal with students’military training instructors counseling services (month), and Dream Project (season) performance statistics report.
  4. Assist leader to handle with the matters relating to the sports games
  5. Handling with youth wartime duty service business.
  6. Student Life Counsel Management of Life Sciences Faculties 
Instructor Business
Learn Estate Fund
Zhen-Yi You/ school safety instructor
  1. Responsible for school tutor roster Department reorganized column provision, appointment,and tutors movement correction
  2. Handling with the school administration systems tutor classes arrangement, and tutors fee appropriated
  3. Arrangement the classes of school undergraduate / Master Program / doctoral tutor.(including internal rotation, external rotation, back to repair, repair extension of students into classes)
  4. Aggregated the record of mentoring, classes  record annual statistics and transfer related units will do to help properly solve the problem of students
  5. Compilation of annual teacher manuals issued.
  6. Teachers promoting services to the nuclear fraction and type of information to assess teachers' promotion
  7. The Ministry of Education, students learning production fund applications.
  8. Funding a military auxiliary groups related business (financing on behalf of a unit).
  9. Assist the team leader to handle busuness relating to the graduation ceremony
  10. LeaderStudent Life Counsel Management of Health Care Faculty (exclude department of dental hygiene and department of respiratory program )
Military service, the official pre-election test, student complaints, turn over the pin
Office Management
Send and receive text window
Ming-Chi Yan / contractual personnel
  1. apply for freshmen, transfer students, and  the extension students to convene the relevant business and do after school deferment.
  2. The two-stage pre-apply for the Department of Defense official test election-related business.
  3. The Ministry of the Interior to assist with the development of the male students apply for alternative service jobs.
  4. Students with student-cum-self-governing body complaints, comments related businesses.
  5. accept students turn over the pin related businesses.
  6. Check-boys military training courses’ business
  7. handling major incidents condolences business (secondary school funding).
  8. Lost and apply for student services.
  9. In response to the Ministry of Education themed Provision control related businesses.
  10. Control of training auxiliary military auxiliary funds use case.
  11. The document handling military auxiliary groups receive window.
  12. The office handling fees receive video business.
  13. The military auxiliary groups time workers selected training Maintenance management duty room and other related operations.
Insurance, leave, rewards and punishments, conduct, warning, class cadres, flat window, property
Jennifer Chou / staff
  1. The students basic aggregated data, archiving, maintenance.
  2. Class cadres data aggregated sign (including Peikang ) and announcement.
  3. Class cadres data aggregated sign (including Peikang) and announcement.
  4. Log in student leavings and calculate conduct result.
  5. Notify tutor, director of conduct score and calculate the results (including Peikang).
  6. midterm, final exam scores warning related businesses.
  7. Student safety Insurance contract, claims related business application.
  8. apply for military auxiliary groups of pages maintenance issues.
  9. The military auxiliary groups handle property management related operations.
  10. The handle of the gender equality window related businesses.
  11. handle military auxiliary groups stationery apply business.
student dormitory
Shu-Miao Chen / dorm counselor
  1. Responsible for boarders living services and safety of maintenance work.
  2. Check-quarters of students live, leaving application distribution service and beds.
  3. The handle of Yingtsai Campus dormitory accommodation related issues under the guise of summer and winter.
  4. Assist boarder’s medical emergency hospital treatment and emergency dormitory.
  5. responsible for student dormitories water service job application.
  6. handling fee of receive video services (dormitories)
Military Education
Military Logistics
Traffic Safety
Earthquake Disaster
Lin Xin Huang / school safety personnel
  1. Co-military education program, General Education Center taught choreography and teaching program escalated related operations and control and other services.
  2. Co-operation and military training for students test scores of students apply for (against) repair military training course business.
  3. Co-traffic safety education advocacy services.
  4. Co-military training instructors Publications business.
  5. will be reported in association with the expansion of the officer corps, military education seminar business.
  6. Co-military logistics integrated services (medical, military uniforms made up, house loans, cards and dependents of the pension adjustment control - Salaries Pension Fund retirement, military insurance, national health insurance, various allowances apply for the job).
  7. Check-military co-room budget request, implementation and verification services.
  8. Co-monthly rotating table scheduled military training instructors.
  9. Co-duty log and Duty Room business.
  10. Support Division annual earthquake disaster prevention drills matters.
  11. Support Division campus safety (traffic accident) process.
  12. Support Division dormitory students late back  counseling.
  13. Support Division National Defense Education Course taught military training.
  14. Support Division, students and school leavers into the school transportation service team personnel matters of training and funding application.
  15. Support Division cadres dormitory safety meetings and grant applications issues.
  16. Lost and Student Support Division business.
  17. Support Division traffic safety and dormitory safety guide (including freshman dorm life education advocacy training).
  18. Support Division plans to develop competition honors dormitory and funds to write off the job.
  19. Support Division campus rent student counseling work.
  20. Support Division school students to participate in the Games and from the maintenance of security matters.
  21. Support Student Life Counsel Management of Health Care Faculty (School of Nursing, Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, Department of Respiratory Therapy(Two-Year Continuing Education Program), Department of Dental Hygiene, Department of Physical Therapy, Department of Sports Medicine, Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science)